Founded in London by Ambra Giammarino, F▲CLOVER is a contemporary UNCONVENTIONAL handbags brand, currently based in Milan. The great strength of the brand lies in the realization of its products entirely in Italy.

They created an unique non-conformist product, in which fashion trends are interpreted in geometric shapes and colours. The values of Faclover bags are the minimal aesthetic,  joined to the functional designs and to the experiment in materials surface techniques and conceptual forms.

The best aim for them is to keep a promise to their customer. As a matter of fact the development in terms of evolution of the bags is determined either from the customer opinions. They mind to deliver handbags that can literally be loved for their innovative, different and practical style.

Each person can wear it in their own way and choose it, because it is the kind of product that if you buy once you will keep indefinitely, just as an endless love.

F▲CLOVER is a new term born to exprime the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for life and work, some years ago two lovers followed their dreams and nowadays the story goes on.. !